Our Projects 我门的项目

我们提客户做的项目都进过一定的沟通和了解客户的要求才开始。我们最大对自己的要求就是帮助客户找到最合适的路线. Before starting a project, we insist on developing strong communications with the client and understanding the client's requirements and goals. Our goal is to help our clients find the most suitable path to develop their business.

Red Flag model car from FAW

Red Flag model car from FAW

Media Presence 媒体推广



Developed multi-phase media familiarity campaign designed to produce positive media coverage and increased name recognition with potential Chinese clients for U.S.-based company with electric vehicle technology.

Founded online newsletter in China targeting automotive industry including concept, finding server hosting company, recruiting staff, setting editorial direction, assigning and writing stories and columns, representing publication at events and on panels.


Beijing Auto Show 2016 new model

Beijing Auto Show 2016 new model

Internal Communications 内部通讯

A client whose supply chain included suppliers and distributors required a due diligence program to assess its business partners for any conflicts of interest with internal employees or with Chinese government employees and businesses. We designed a basic due diligence program with 3-levels of proposed research based on risk factors. Our team designed the program, wrote the policies and procedures, and handed off to the internal team.

Worked with an international corporate finance firm to identify potential investment targets from a cohort of non-performing loans. Conducted initial screenings to vet targets that looked viable and designed a more in-depth due diligence program for high potential targets. We enabled the client to weed out targets with compliance or reputation issues, present the good candidates to the Board of Directors, and focus on targets with potential resulting in millions of dollars worth of investment.




Beijing Auto Show 2016 EV models

Beijing Auto Show 2016 EV models

Marketing Materials Support 市场营销资料的准备


Aided client in developing an in-depth research report on a specific industry so the client could use this as a spring board to communicate with its own clients on this up-and-coming industry in China.  The client requested a 45-50-page research report with interviews from industry experts and financial data from various sources. We used our existing contacts as well as developing new contacts to deliver a cutting edge report and allowing the client to put forward their best face with potential and current clients.