Cross Pacific Partner is a communication and strategy consultancy well versed in both external and internal communications in China and the United States.





我们帮助中国企业找到进入美国市场的最佳路径,不管是吸引投资者、物色投资机会,还是建立其自有的独特机构。我们也可以调整所有类型的内部通信:政策与程序, 公司简报等。



We assist Chinese companies in developing strategic pitches to U.S. companies and help you to "Americanize" the language and message of your company materials, including your website, internal SOP and corporate briefings.

We help you identify industry organizations, strategic partners, and events and conferences that will showcase your company's products and services to the optimum advantage. 

We can prepare English-language sales presentations and plan media familiarity campaigns. We can familiarize Chinese staff coming to work in the U.S.with U.S. policies and procedures, which often differ significantly from those in China.


Our business with You.

我们 的合作

For U.S. companies considering a Chinese partner or already working with a company or individual in China, we can debunk the "guanxi" myth and help manage "guanxi" expectations.

When partnering with a foreign company or operating with staff from another culture, internal communication is as important as external communication. We can help mitigate internal miscommunication due to cultural and/or linguistic differences, including with corporate policies & Procedures, expectations and company briefings on strategy.